One year of wedding preparations. Planned month by month.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences, along with a great effort. We have to take into account so many things and give each one of them the necessary time, that making mistakes at some small point in the planning can make us head on during the weeks leading up to the wedding.

With this article, my only intention is to help you and show from my point of view the time you need to go programming when you have to worry about everything important, without leaving anything to chance.

Planificando una boda


Decide the date. Surely you will have already marked some days as ideals. You can not wait any longer, the time has come to close the date.

First reservations. Once we have the date, which will have depended greatly on the chosen places, both for the ceremony and for the celebration, it is time to reserve the places where your wedding will take place.

The style of the wedding. What kind of wedding do you want? We must begin to define how we want to design our link to start organizing all the planning. Whether it is religious or civil, where it will be celebrated, etc.

Define the budget. Maybe this is the part that most conditions us with the preparations, if you really want to make money out of the money you have available, do not stop reading this article:

Guide to calculate your wedding budget

At the same time, you will have to know if the parents are going to contribute in the budget or that possibility does not exist. We must know about these dates that help we can find and what not to count in our budget.

Wedding providers. You have to start looking at the different offers offered by all suppliers related to weddings, to define what we want. There are a large number of them, but the Wedding Planner, the wedding photographer, the catering service, the flowers and the musicians, could be defined as the most important.

First list of wedding guests. It will not be the definitive one and we will have to define it better, but we must begin to make the list, to get an idea of ​​the commitments we have.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids. This is a point that is usually very clear, deciding who will be the godparents usually occurs even many times for granted. However the sooner they know it better.

Wedding dress. The bride has to start to get an idea of ​​the dress she wants. If at this point you do not have it very clear, focus on this point.


Buy the wedding dress. We can not wait any longer to order it. Making a wedding dress takes time and then needs many tests and adjustments. The veil is also a part that must be decided at this point.

The first professionals. Close the contracts of the main suppliers, that we saw in the first point (Wedding Planner, the wedding photographer, the catering service, the flowers and the musicians) and start to decide between the secondary ones.

Beauty plan. You have to look radiant during the big day, and this you can not leave until the end. Design yourself, both an exercise routine and diet to lose weight (or start losing it) and start with a beauty plan to care for your skin.


Close the guest list. People have to make their plans to attend your wedding and this point can not be delayed any longer, if people are also going to look for flights, the more time they have to organize it is much better.

Wedding stationery. Since we have to start choosing wedding invitations we will take advantage of the options available in wedding stationery (program, minutes, seating plan, waiter, thank you cards, etc.) and a new trend is “Save the date “That is the best way to indicate to the guests that they are reserving the date for the big day, although later send the invitations with the confirmed details.

Hotels and accommodation. Start looking for the right places to offer accommodation to those who come from outside the city where your link will be held.

Wedding list. If you wish to carry it out, this is the time to start making your wedding list.

Honeymoon. Just start planning it and see possible destinations.


Wedding invitations. It’s time to start distributing the invitations. Be careful, many people will have to hand it in and this takes time.

How will the ceremony be? Meet with the wedding planner or the wedding officiant, to define how your ceremony will be.

Other reservations. This is the time to close the contracts of secondary suppliers such as furniture, decoration, lighting, transport, honeymoon car, etc.

The menu. Schedule the tastings of the menu and go choosing your wedding cake.

The dress of the godparents and bridesmaids. If you have something to say or you deal directly with the dress of the sponsors, children who will participate in the ceremony or bridesmaids, this is the time to leave it done.

Alliances. Buy wedding bands.

Hairdressing and makeup. Begin to decide on the makeup and hairstyle you will wear on your wedding day.

Contratar proveedores de boda


Choose the flowers. For your bouquet, ceremony, decoration, centerpieces, etc.

The wedding menu. Make the tastings and close both the menu and the cake.

Closed clothing. Both the bride and groom and the people who are important in your wedding. At this moment the clothes of each one have to be more than defined and bought.

Honeymoon. Book your honeymoon. Make sure that all the necessary procedures (passports, vaccines, insurance, etc.) are in order.

Request of hand. If you are going to realize this tradition with your families, this will be the best time.


Seating plan. Start to define where each one will sit and what is the best way to group the guests. Since many will begin to confirm and you can start working on it. Do not despair if some do not confirm, it is likely that you end up calling them the week before the wedding.

Buying the details. As can be the gifts for the guests, the signature book, the arras, etc.

Define the details of the ceremony. Who will intervene, what readings will be carried out. Etc.

First tests. Experiment with your hair and makeup. The tests are essential to ensure and ensure the look we will take and define it with the professionals chosen for it.


Define your wedding. Review the details that will make your wedding unique, both the ceremony and the banquet and party. Be clear at this time the program of your wedding.

The damn bureaucracy. To get married you have to have a series of papers processed, do not leave them any longer. Beware of visas, permits from other nationalities and others, it is very likely that you will have to process it much earlier to avoid problems with consulates, embassies, etc.

Think and close all the details. From the music that is heard at every moment, to the smallest details or accessories.

The schedule of your wedding. All providers have to know what time they have to be prepared. Create the schedule of your wedding and let everyone know that in one way or another they will participate in your wedding.

More details. Something old, new, borrowed, blue. Small things that have to be controlled.

Hairdressing and beauty. Close the final testing appointments for hairdressing and makeup.


Confirm Both with the guests and with the suppliers, hours, location, etc.

Final dress adjustment. It has to stay like a glove: at this moment we have to have already chosen the shoes and the underwear.

Pre-wedding session. This is the best moment, a relaxed and fun pre-wedding photography session to tell your love story.

Bachelor party. The big day is approaching and if you have decided to carry out this party, do not delay it any longer.

Dance. If you are going to do a choreography or you are something patosillos with the dance, it is time to go to some classes that help us to at least not mess it up at the time of opening the party.

Preparar una boda en 12 meses


Confirm assistance. At this point there will be guests who have not confirmed their attendance. Get in touch with them and confirm if they will come.

All controlled. If you have plants and pets, look for someone to take care of them during the honeymoon.

Barber Shop. In the absence of the hairstyle, make the cut and the chosen color of your hair. Preparing the hair before the wedding is essential.

Delegate. You will not be able to take care of everything, ask for help from family and friends to help you out on your wedding day. They will do it happy. Assign clear tasks so that they can execute them without problem. Of course, do not saturate them, they are there to accompany you and enjoy with you this great day. It is preferable to have professionals.


Many payments. This week you will have to pay a lot of people. Have everything ready.

Emergency kit. Prepare your emergency kit for the day of the wedding. Things always happen and you have to be prepared.

Wedding essays. If you have to try something, do not leave it for the last day.

Dresses ready to wear. At this point we do not want surprises.


You have to be beautiful. From a massage to relax, to pedicure and manicure treatments.

Rest well. Go to a decent hour and be careful with the parties the day before. Get hydrated well is key.


Plan well. Get up with time, have a good breakfast and try to give each thing the most time necessary. (Hairdressing, makeup, etc.)

It is your great day, relax and enjoy every moment. I assure you it happens too fast.

As you’ve seen, planning a wedding over a year can be a bit strenuous. The advice I give you is to put everything you need in writing, as an agenda. In this way you will be able to plan everything without falling into the anxiety or despair that disorganization gives us.


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