In this category you can find my pre-shot photographic work. A tour with different couples throughout the national geography but especially in the city of Alicante.

A session of pre-wedding does not cease to be a couple’s photography, almost always done outdoors. Where a few days before your wedding we started working with the couple. With these sessions that take place a few weeks before the wedding, we will get to know each other better through a fun and original report, where your love and personality are the center of the action in places and landscapes that will also speak about you.

In this type of pre-wedding photography I like to look for the spontaneity and naturalness of each couple, with their usual clothes of their day to day, in places that are important for them. I am aware that the vast majority of the couple are not used to posing for cameras, do not worry, it will be a fun experience that will help you overcome your shame and fears.

You will see how we will connect through the pre-wedding report, which will undoubtedly help us get to know each other better in order to make a spectacular wedding report.