Your wedding photographs in a unique photo shoot

There are many preparations still pending for that very special day and the last thing you need is the extra worry of the wedding photographs. I guarantee professional, cool, casual, distinct and meticulous workDon’t you think you deserve something more than the traditional poses?

We are going to capture the excitement, love, enthusiasm, happiness and all the beauty of a unique day.

The happiest moments are short-lived. Let me whisk you off in time through pictures so that you can relive each moment: inevitable nerves, knowing looks, excited smiles, heartfelt embraces from your loved ones, overflowing joy in your lifelong friends, a few little tears that escape, emotions running high, the culminating I do and the festive atmosphere that fills the airI won’t miss even the tiniest detail.

See my latest wedding photographic work in Alicante.

It is normal that you are still wondering which photographer to choose for your wedding, it is a very special day and you want everything to go smoothly. If you would like to see my most recent photo shoots in Alicante and in the rest of Spain have a browse through the gallery with my latest photos.

View all the wedding photographic works

“I think that each photo has a story to tell. My objective is to capture that picture that bears witness to your feelings and in time it will remind you of the emotions of that day.”

Wedding photo shoots. Focusing on nature

Because I love what I do. If you decide to work with me, you will understand why.

I will make you forget about the lens so that you show me who you really are: natural, cool and authentic. This will make your photographs different from the rest.

My pledge:

• Creativity, passion, empathy and emotion. I don’t know any other way of working in this profession. You and your partner are my inspiration.

  • I will do all the work myself. You have asked for a particular style of wedding photographs, so I can’t send anyone else to take them instead of me.
  • I will be at your side the whole day so that I don’t miss out on any of those magic moments.
  • You will get all the photographs within a maximum of six weeks from the actual wedding day.

How are we going to work?



Check availability

Firstly and most importantly check my availability; make sure that I can be there with you on your wedding day.


Let’s meet each other

How would you like your wedding photographs? It is really important that we meet, because this will help us get to know each other better. In this way you can provide me with extremely valuable information about what you are like, what you like, what your interests and hobbies are, what you expect of me, what you want your wedding to be like, etc. In short, getting to know each other will really help when it comes to working with the camera.




Once you have organised the times and the locations of the ceremony, reception, celebration, etc., we will come up with the schedule to organise all the logistics and calculate the time so that nothing goes wrong on the big day.



Your wedding day

On that very special day, I will be your shadow. I will be there at all times, although you won’t notice my presence and I won’t miss out on any of the details.



Photo preview

I will give you the first photographs within a week after the wedding.



We will study the photo shoot to select the photos that you like the most and within six weeks from the wedding day you will have your wedding photos as a souvenir. And if you so wish, we can work on the pride and joy of my business, the album.

We can also work on your pre-wedding or Lifestyle photographs together and have an incredible, stress-free photo shoot, so that you can look back on the moment when you met each other.

Do you want me to accompany on your wedding day?

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