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Pre-wedding lifestyle report in Alicante with Iván & José

On this occasion I wanted to present you a work that I feel very satisfied with, especially when I see the great acceptance of the final result by Ivan and José. I have always said that no two weddings are the same and naturally, the same thing happens to their corresponding pre-wedding reports. At the moment we decided to do something new and fresh, a report of pre-wedding lifestyle.

It all started one October day when I receive a Facebook notification on my mobile. “Hello!! We got married next year on October 14, I’ve seen some of your work and I would like to receive more information.

This is how our relationship began, as one more, where some “clients” are interested in a “professional” or “service”, but this time it was not just another request. The good thing about Facebook is that you can immediately find out who the person is on the other side of the conversation. It did not take me 5 minutes to identify Ivan. Alicante is very small and more when at some point you have been related to the world of the Bonfires. I’ll place you! It will be for the times that I have seen him act in the Choice of the Beauty of Fire. And so they just started talking to me about what they wanted …

Looking for a different pre-wedding report

They had some things decided, such as that their wedding would be at El Plantío Golf Resort in Alicante, they still doubted whether to do it in the morning or in the afternoon, but what was clearer was that …

They did not want the typical pre-wedding photos, not even wedding ones.

So I was so motivated by the challenge they proposed, that my head started to work as a different session that reflected how they really are, I have to say that I never received a NO for an answer, everything was predisposed and much, much excited.

Pre-Wedding Lifestyle

My proposal was somewhat daring; What do you think if I enter a day in your lives and document the most everyday things, but from my point of view within a style lifestyle? … First there is the typical silence of whatsapp … but you can imagine the answer in the form of emoticons that appeared on my screen … right? … Well here I leave the result. 😜😍

Yes, I anticipate that since I started in this exciting life project where my maximum expression is wedding photography, each and every one of the couples that have been in front of my camera have made me grow, but I have to say that There have been key moments and key couples that make you rethink many things, without a doubt the one formed by Iván and José have been one of them.

And without further ado I show you the result of this report of preboda lifestyle in Alicante. I hope you like it.



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