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One day I received an email, it was from Camila Caioni, the makeup artist and hairdresser of this session, we did not know each other personally, but without a doubt it seemed that we had known each other for a long time. After a few moments, we made an interview to meet us in person, a coffee is always a good way to start a relationship with closeness. At that moment the idea of ​​doing a wedding inspiration session was already in my mind, I did not have it very defined because I had several projects in mind, but finally the 20s took strength, so after talking it with her we got down to work. work.


The first thing was to have a space to make the shooting, he told me that he had spoken with Mavi & Ana from Roalet de Kiko and that he would like to work with them because they had also seemed very nice and with a character close to ours, I immediately agreed . Since I had the good fortune to meet them at the wedding of Oscar and Cristina in 2017 where I met Julia Llodra, another great catering and now contributing their bit to make weddings look better than couples can imagine. Later I repeated at El Roalet de Kiko, on this occasion, in October with the wedding of Lorena and Javi we had a little bad taste in our mouth because we could not give everything for this couple, it was the rainiest day of the year and The entire wedding had to be restructured, preventing it from showing off, but this couple, who is a true love, gave us an attitude lesson, enjoying what was really important … celebrating love!

Little by little the session was taking shape, Julia joined the group and put all their machinery to work so that everything was spectacular. Maria Garland (Pide un deseo) with stationery designs, Ledilux to illuminate the night scenes and La Cierva Vintage and PackAndThings with their furniture and, of course, El Juli with the bouquet and flowers. Between all we were shaping the session, an email to Jesus Peiró and crossed fingers … they agreed to lend us their Duncan model (thanks Ita & Lurdes), with fringes and feathers was the ideal choice for a bride of that time, our model Marta gave the profile and her perfect size, it would fit like a glove. Like the shoes borrowed by Doriani Shoes

La Pajarita Tocados put the magic with her headdress of feathers and porcelain (thanks Jose), it went like a glove to Jesús Peiro‘s dress.

Then Gustavo arrived (Protocolo Novios) who provided us with the tuxedo worn by our (final) male model Raul Navarro, and at that moment, when it seemed that everything was going well, where the setbacks appeared … 48 hours after the session , we had no cake for the celebration, and that is a wedding without a cake! To the foreseen supplier a setback arose, finally we could solve it with José Samper of Prefiero Sussu (thanks for the predisposition in full campaign of the mother’s day) and less than 24 hours, I receive a whatsapp of the male model planned with a photo in the hospital … he had sprained himself and could not come, thank goodness he had a friend who had the same characteristics as him and that was when we could find our man, Raul.

He was breathing again, less than 24 hours after the session and everything was back in place. Now there were nerves at the same time pressure to do a great job and correspond to all the suppliers that had trusted in the project.

Only the story remained: She, a woman forced into marriage for the economic interests of her family. He, of family well and in love with her for a long time. Not everything was going to be so easy, a modern woman would not make it easy for our boy, at first quite reluctant to this union, but little by little realizing that he could be the man of his life he begins to enjoy the situation to end up in a final party, here the magic came from the hand of Miss Saturday with her golden confetti.

Below you can see the result in photos and the video made by Xurxo López


Aquí podéis ver el pedazo de video que se marcó mi compañero Xurxo Lopez, el videografo de esta sesión.




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