Winter wedding at Finca El Bancalito – Victoria & Jose

What can I say about Victoria and Jose, since they are super natural, who were very clear about what was to be the goal of this great celebration directed with great care and care by the girls of Tul y Chocolate in El Bancalito de San Miguel de Salinas and the goal was not other than to fully enjoy your big day, without having to worry about the time, the wedding photographer and if you have a great time with your friends.

One of the best decisions made by the couple was to concentrate the entire event, from the preparations to the dance in the same place. The Finca el Bancalito is located a few kilometers from San Miguel de Salinas, an orange-scented farm for the amount of orange trees that surround it.

The day was clear, with a winter sun that is not that hot but played its role, protagonism distributed equally with a whimsical breeze that could be noticed at specific moments, especially during the ceremony.

These moments of preparation were enjoyed by Victoria with her sister, her mother and her niece Julieta, in the room Canela that has the farm so that couples can prepare themselves there and thus make the most of time avoiding travel. Rubén Hernández incredible dress, marking a clear trend with stars that Victoria knew how to complement perfectly with a headdress from La Pajarita that married perfectly for the occasion. The color grana was chosen as the main one for the details, from the shoes, to the lacing of the impressive bouquet, even the general decoration was perfectly finished in this color. Great work that Cristina Jimenez made in what hairdressing and makeup refers to Vicky and her closest family.

Moments later Jose appeared by El Bancalito, where his brother and his brother-in-law waited to dress, with a more than modern cut and some personal details with Superman’s twins, since Jose is a fan of superhero comics and commercial movies . But above all of his great passion, scuba diving, a vocation that has led him to have his own diving school. In fact, the ritual chosen by the couple was to gather in the same container sand from their two main lands, that of Jose collected from the depths, approximately 44 meters below the sea.

Sincere words of his sisters remembering great moments lived with the couple, not missing the most emotional, some more difficult, but above all the fun, with the great note of humor also contributed by his brother-in-law Quinin, who served as a ceremony .

In short, a party and celebration enjoyed in style, enjoying the menu offered by Catering Dalua, with its already special milhoja, without a doubt a day to remember the rest of their lives.

I hope that this wedding report at Finca el Bancalito will excite you as much as it does me.

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Se acerca el momento mágico para los peques y no tan peques y quiero que mantengamos viva la ilusión más que nunca.
Es momento de soñar, ilusionarnos y estar con las personas que más queremos. ¡Sorpréndeles con grandes recuerdos!.

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